The Issues

Lake Erie faces many water quality impacts, some of which were thought to have been addressed many years ago and others that are entirely new challenges. Some of the major issues facing Lake Erie are nutrients/harmful algae, invasive species, water quality, and water quantity.

The Lake Erie Foundation is dedicating significant efforts toward addressing the nutrients/harmful algal blooms challenge. We have two major goals:

  1. Establish an accountable, reportable Lake Erie Nutrient Reduction Plan. The Fox River/Green Bay, Chesapeake Bay, and other watersheds in the U.S. have accomplished significant nutrient reductions through the Clean Water Act process that first requires an impairment designation; then sources and amounts evaluations, which become part of the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL); followed by an accountable, reportable plan. The Lake Erie Foundation has joined others in legal action asking U.S. EPA to declare western Lake Erie impaired.
  2. Require that the amount of phosphorus in the soil for manure be the same as commercial fertilizer. Currently manure land applications are allowed to accumulate about four times or more soil phosphorus content than commercial fertilizer.