• Lake Erie Legislative Forum – December 11 Lakeside, Ohio
  • The Lake Erie Commission will be meeting on Wednesday, December 13 in Columbus at 10:00 am  The location is to be announced.
  • The next Lake Erie Waterkeeper round-table discussion is Thursday, December 14 at 7 pm at Packo’s in downtown Toledo.  All are welcome.


The Lake Erie Foundation sponsored a legislative forum at Lakeside, Ohio on Monday, December 11, 2017.  Jeff Reutter began the program with an update on Lake Erie algae followed by a summary of the Lake Erie Foundations efforts for Lake Erie.  A Lake Erie panel discussion followed with Q & A for legislators and other participants.

The presentation was based largely on a recent “White Paper*” entitled Summary of Findings and Strategies to Move Toward a 40% Phosphorus Reduction White Paper Strategies – Summary outlining the challenges Lake Erie is experiencing.  The paper also offers recommendations of viable solutions to ensure a healthy lake environment.

To view the accompanying PowerPoint presentation given by Dr. Reutter click here White Paper Strategies – Reutter.

* By Kristen Fussell, Gail Hesse, Laura Johnson, Kevin King, Greg LaBarge, Jay Martin, Jeffrey Reutter, Robyn Wilson, and Christopher Winslow, September 2017