Lake Erie Waterkeeper

The Lake Erie Waterkeeper strives for fishable, swimmable and drinkable waters. Lake Erie Waterkeeper began as Western Lake Erie Waterkeeper in 2004 and was approved by the Waterkeeper Alliance in 2011 to cover the Lake Erie watershed between the Detroit River and Buffalo. The Lake Erie Waterkeeper has held monthly roundtable meetings in the Toledo area since 2004. The Lake Erie Waterkeeper Board serves as the Policy Committee for the Lake Erie Foundation. The Lake Erie Waterkeeper Board and membership has diverse representation from charter boat fishermen, agricultural producers, realtors, a retired doctor, university researchers, environmentalists, boaters, a biology teacher, and others.

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Lake Erie Waterkeeper has been a licensed program of the International Waterkeeper Alliance since 2004. The license requires that one person is designated by the sponsoring organization as Waterkeeper. Sandy Bihn has served this role since 2004 and is now serving in a dual capacity as Executive Director of the Waterkeeper and the Lake Erie Foundation.